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Submit sitemap in google for Blogger

Submit sitemap in google for BloggerSitemap is an important matter for seo. It is important not only for blogger but also for all kind of seo. Sitemap helps you to submit and index your new posts. When you will add a sitemap in google webmaster tool it gives your site's information to google webmaster tool. After adding a sitemap for your site google will show your total post number and within 1-3days google will approve it and will index your posts.

Check Seo friendly post title strategy. Blogger blog's sitemap submition is different from others. Other have to create a sitemap.xml file first. But blogger user's have no need to create any sitemap.

Lets see how to add blogger sitemap in google:
Go to google webmaster tool. (Here).LogIN with your gmail account which you have used in Blogger.After loging in you will see your blogger site here.Click on it.Then right side you will see sitemap option. Click there.You will see Add sitemap button. Click on it.A box will open like imag…

Internal Link Building in Blog Post

Internal Link Building in Blog Post Welcome to another tutorial of Blogger SEO. Our previous post was about Image alt tag. Today we are going to know about importance of Internal Link Building. Not only for blogger seo also for all tyep of blog or website Internal Link Building is important.

Check Seo friendly post title strategy.

Internal link building means linking inside your web or blog. It sometimes looks like related post. In this post you have seen above that some of our texts are linked with other category or post (Blogger SEO, Image alt tag). These are called internal link building.
It helps your website to get visitors. It minimizes your bounce rate. When a visitor will come to your site he will click related topic's link if he find. Thus bounce rate can't increase.
For Example: Suppose, you have come to my blog to know about Blogger SEO. Somehow you have found this post. After reading this post hope you will want to see other of our posts about Blogger SEO. So, you…

Custom robots.txt for blogger | Crawlers and indexing

Custom robots.txt for blogger | Crawlers and indexingHello everybody. How are you all. Now I am going to show you How to Setup Custom robots.txt in Blogger. This feature will help us to improve our blogger seo. Here we are able to create robot.txt file for our blogspot site. It was not at old version of blogger. But now it is essential for better seo.

CheckUsing post description for blog post.

It is a function of blogger new interface. It is helpful for SEO. In self hosted website we create an extra robot.txt file and put code in it. In old interface this feature was not available. Now Google has given this feature. Lets see how can I do this:
Go to Blogger and LogIn to your acount.Choose your blog.Click Settings.Here you will find Search Preferences. Click on it.In Crawlers and indexing You will see Custom robots.txtNow click Edit and Select Yes.A new text area will come. Put this code in it.User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:  User-agent: * Disallow: /search?q=* Disallow: /*?updated-…

Use Image alt Tag in Post or Page

Use Image alt Tag in Post or PageHello everyone. Welcome to another tutorial of Blogger SEO. This is an important tutorial. Image alt tag is importan for using your keyword or alt text. It helps to index your image in google or other search engine.

Check How to setup custom robots header tag.

Image alt tag is an important part of Blogger SEO.Do you know google will not index you image if you do not use image alt tag. So,it is important for your site traffic. Now I will show you, How to use Image alt tag in blogger post or page. I will write for new interface of blogger. So, I will recommend you to use new interface of blogger. Let's see:

Log in to your Blogger.Click on new post or page and write what you want.Now Insert any image where you need.When image will insert into your post click on the image.Then click on Properties. See screenshot below.
A new box will come with two text field. See screenshot below. As a trick you just fill those field with your post keyword.And click on ok.…

Set up Blogger Post Title | Fix Blogger Seo Friendly Post Title

Set Up Blogger Post Title | Fix Blogger Seo Friendly Post TitleTitle tag is an important element for of page seo. You should make you title seo friendly for good result. Maximum blogger template's default title system is not fully seo friendly. When you will show any blogger post just notice on browser title bar. You are showing only post title. But seo friendly title means Post Title With Site Title. It always carry your site anywhere in your site. So it is important for Blogger seo. Not only for Blogger seo but also for any kind of seo.

Check Seo friendly post title strategy
Now lets see how to fix Blogger Post title:
LogIN to your Blogger account.Click on Template.Then Edit HTML.Proceed.Click on Expand Widget Templates.Now find this code:  <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
Just remove it and replace with this code:

<!><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><title><data:blog.pageName/&…

Make your blogger template/theme search engine (SEO) friendly

Make your blogger template/theme search engine (SEO) friendlySEO is very important for your website or blog. When you will create a blog by BLOGGER I will tell you to make it search engine friendly. Templates may be search engine friendly or not. Some templates are SEO friendly. Always make your blogger template search engine friendly to make sure best seo result. If your templates is not search engine friendly then lets make it Search engine friendly. Hope you will easily understand the following process. I have tried to make it easy to you. Comment box is open for you. If you face trouble please notify me by comment.

Do it step by step:
 [I will show it here in new blogger interface] 01. Go to blogger and LogIn to your account and select your Blog.
02. Click on Template (Left side).
03. Then Click Edit Html.
04. Now Click on proceed.
05. Find and Select code from <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/> to<b:skin><![CDATA[/*

06.Replace selected code by this code: