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Internal link building strategy

Internal link building means linking one page from another page. It means user stays in the same site just the page is different. This is very important for your website. Internal link building helps to reduce bounce rate. Click the image below to read my previous article about internal link building.

There are a few ways of building internal link. Mostly used way is hyper linking the keyword with the article that already is in your blog. You will see this technique in almost every blog. For example see the image below.
Internet speed is not a matter now a days. Almost everyone use a minimum of 1Mbps internet connection. So some blogger take advantage of this. They use interesting images to attract readers. Even sometimes they create their own images. Loading images aren't an issue now a days. For example see the image below.

An important thing that I have noticed is for me image linking working better than text hyper linking. I am not sure if this will work for you or not. But …