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Seo Benefits of Breadcrumbs in Blogger

Seo Benefits of Breadcrumbs in BloggerHello every one. This is number 12 post of our blog. We have already published 11 important posts. We always try to give a good concept about blogger seo. You send us mail a lot. You have thanked us via email. We are really very happy to receive your email. Hope by reading our posts regularly you will get a good concept about blogger seo. You can subscribe us to get update regularly.

Importance of internal link building
Our this tutorial is about importance of breadcrumbs and how to add breadcrumbs in blogger.

Importance of Breadcrumbs:
Breadcrumbs is important not only for blogger seo or blgospot site but also for all kind of blog or sites. [See image below]

This is a google Cached page of this blog's post. Google has highlighted the keyword from this page/post. See the breadcrumbs.  Google has also highlighted to keyword which is in breadcrumbs. That means keyword of breadcrumbs is getting value from google like other keywords of the post/page. …

Social Media Sharing Widget in Blogger (SMM)

Social Media Sharing Widget in BloggerSocial media is an important source of traffic. You may get huge visitors from social networking site. Social media marketing (SMM) has a great value to get visitors. I have many blog. One of my blog get 35,000 visitors daily. 7,000-10,000 visitors from are arriving from social networking sites. So, social media marketing and search engine optimization is equal important to me.

Seo friendly post tile strategy.

In this tutorial I will show you how to add social sharing widget in blogger.

Importance of social sharing widget:
Firs of all I will give you a simple example so that you become clear about importance of it.
Suppose, you have a blog and I am a visitor of your blog. I have found an awesome article in you blog. I have a Facebook ID with 3,000 friends and followers  If I share this in Facebook all of my friends will see this. If some of them also share this link to their profile then their friend will also see this. Thus you may get traffic.


Seo friendly post title for blogger

Seo friendly post title for bloggerPost title is a very important fact for your blog. Now a days meta-keyword tag is getting less importance to search engines. Title is getting much importance. So you should be very careful to use it properly. It is not only for blogger seo / blogger blog but also for all kind of blog.

Check Seo benefits of breadcrumbs in blogger

An attractive title attract visitors and also attract search engines. It carries a gist of your site or post. When you will write about something think about it's title.You should think which type of  title will attract visitors.

You must give your targeted keyword into title. But never make title too large and complex. Try to keep it normal,clear,attractive,informative and acceptable. Never use false title because it may increase site's bounce rate.
See the image carefully. I have searched by a keyword. My keywords is in post title. That is why google is showing this site's post.
This is very effective way to get good…

How to setup blogger Custom robots header tags

How to setup blogger Custom robots header tags This is an important tutorial for blogger seo. In new interface of blogger google has added a new crawlers and indexing function. As you can not add robot.txt file in blogger blog so google has added this function. You have to be careful to setup this. If you do something wrong then google may not index your post. We have already shown you how to setup Custom robots.txt in blogger. Now we are going to see how to setup blogger Custom robots header tags.

Check How to submit sitemap in Bing.Go to Blogger.comLog in to your account.From control panel click on Settings.Then click on Search Preferences.Right side you will see Custom robots header tags.Click on Edit>Yes.Now setup your settings like image below.Hope You have successfully done your job.
Good bye today.

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