Friday, March 15, 2013

When you need Seo Company (Featured)

Hello! How are you blogger? Hope you are well. Today I am going to write about when you need seo company. If you want to become a successful blogger you must need some seo skills. With out seo you will not become successful. If you write good article but don’t get enough readers then your articles are useless. So, you have to do seo for your blog. If you don’t want to seo your self then you can gire some one for seo of your blog or can deal with a seo company. You have to pay for this. This is one kind of paid seo. Many seo companies are ready for you.

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Remember before getting service:
There are many online seo company to help you. You can contact with them for your project. You should always find some best seo company. You know, seo is not  an instant or quick process at all. Many seo companies may tell you to do seo quickly. Always try to ignore them. As you have chosen the way of paid seo so, you expect a good result always. So, find experienced and popular seo company.
Paid seo means you have to pay for this. So, if you try to find cheap seo company but want good result then you will not get this at all.  I think there are nothing called cheap seo company. When a seo company will assure you a cheap rate then he never can assure a good service. Seo is a slow process. So you have to give time. If you give time but don’t get enough money then why you will do this? But, there are some companies to give you seo service in cheap rate than other. These companies are generally new, So for the first time they give their service in a low rate. You can try those.
There are many blogger whose are always use seo service. If you are one of them then hope our tutorials about seo company will help you to deal with a seo company.
No more today, Keep watching our posts regularly.
Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seo Friendly Post Title Strategy

Seo Friendly Post Title Strategy

You know that post title is an important part of an article or post. A quality title carries gist of a post. A visitor will visit your site when he will get what he want. When someone search something generally he reads the title from search result. If he find something necessary in title, he will click on that link. Not only for blogger seo it is equally important for all kind of seo. So, it is very important for all blogger.

Seo friendly title writing,how to write seo friendly title,seo friendly title tips and tricks.

Seo friendly title writing:

01.Keep your title short. Not too short.
Try to write you title in 70 characters. Generally search engines shows 70 characters of a title. So, if you make it large visitors will not see full title that you will write. He will see only 70 characters of you title. If visitors don’t get exact idea about your post by reading article he may not visit your site. seo
 02. Try to make title attractive.
Always try to make your article/post’s title attractive. If you can then you must get visitors. If you get visitors attention to your post you may get a visitor. Think! When you search anything in which link you click most. You must click on that link which one will attract you most. So, you must try to do this. seo
 03. Don’t use special characters:
There are some special character like ( ! @ . , ? < > / ). Google always ignore these special character. When google bot crawl it skips there where it find those special characters. If you use those special character in you title google may not give importance to that. So, be careful! seo
 04. Try to keep gist of your article into title:
If you become failed to introduce your article with visitors then will you write it? It is also very important. Title carries the main fact of your article. So, if  visitors don’t get any idea about your article by reading this he will not be interested to click on that. seo
 05. Keep title fresh and relevant:
You must not try to express extra thing by your post’s title what is not relevant with your post/article. This may increase your sites bounce rate. Also you may lost visitors.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seo Benefits of Breadcrumbs in Blogger

Seo Benefits of Breadcrumbs in Blogger

Hello every one. This is number 12 post of our blog. We have already published 11 important posts. We always try to give a good concept about blogger seo. You send us mail a lot. You have thanked us via email. We are really very happy to receive your email. Hope by reading our posts regularly you will get a good concept about blogger seo. You can subscribe us to get update regularly.

Importance of internal link building
Breadcrumbs in seo, Breadcrumbs benifits in seo

Our this tutorial is about importance of breadcrumbs and how to add breadcrumbs in blogger.

Importance of Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs is important not only for blogger seo or blgospot site but also for all kind of blog or sites. [See image below]

This is a google Cached page of this blog's post. Google has highlighted the keyword from this page/post. See the breadcrumbs.  Google has also highlighted to keyword which is in breadcrumbs. That means keyword of breadcrumbs is getting value from google like other keywords of the post/page. Also it is building internal link. It helps to decrease your sites bounce rate. Let make a list.

  • Increase keyword value to search engine.
  • Build Internal Link.
  • Decrease site's bounce rate.
  • It shows label/category which make site user friendly.
  • More....
See this tutorial to add breadcrumbs in your site or blog.

How to add Breadcrumbs in wordpress thesis theme.

Feel free to express your opinion. Comment box is open for all. Please avoid SPAM.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Social Media Sharing Widget in Blogger (SMM)

Social Media Sharing Widget in Blogger

Social media is an important source of traffic. You may get huge visitors from social networking site. Social media marketing (SMM) has a great value to get visitors. I have many blog. One of my blog get 35,000 visitors daily. 7,000-10,000 visitors from are arriving from social networking sites. So, social media marketing and search engine optimization is equal important to me.

Seo friendly post tile strategy.

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Social media share button in blogger

In this tutorial I will show you how to add social sharing widget in blogger.

Importance of social sharing widget:

Firs of all I will give you a simple example so that you become clear about importance of it.
Suppose, you have a blog and I am a visitor of your blog. I have found an awesome article in you blog. I have a Facebook ID with 3,000 friends and followers  If I share this in Facebook all of my friends will see this. If some of them also share this link to their profile then their friend will also see this. Thus you may get traffic.

AddThis is a popular company which gives social sharing button free. You can easily get code form their site. No need to registration. Follow instruction below:
  • Go to addThis.
  • Click on Get Start.
  • Chose an style from their list.
  • After selecting style you will get a code. Code will show right side.
  • Copy the code.
  • Then LogIn to your blogger account.
  • Go to Layout and Click on Add an gadget.
  • Select HTML/JavaScript.
  • Put your copied code here and save.
If you face any problem please feel free to share with us. 


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Seo friendly post title for blogger

Seo friendly post title for blogger

Post title is a very important fact for your blog. Now a days meta-keyword tag is getting less importance to search engines. Title is getting much importance. So you should be very careful to use it properly. It is not only for blogger seo / blogger blog but also for all kind of blog.

Check Seo benefits of breadcrumbs in blogger

Seo friendly post title for blogger,seo friendly title,how to make title seo friendly,importance of title,seo friendly post title
Seo friendly post title for blogger

An attractive title attract visitors and also attract search engines. It carries a gist of your site or post. When you will write about something think about it's title.You should think which type of  title will attract visitors.

You must give your targeted keyword into title. But never make title too large and complex. Try to keep it normal,clear,attractive,informative and acceptable. Never use false title because it may increase site's bounce rate.
Seo friendly post title for blogger,seo friendly title,how to make title seo friendly,importance of title,seo friendly post title
See the image carefully. I have searched by a keyword. My keywords is in post title. That is why google is showing this site's post.

This is very effective way to get good result in search ranking. So, always try to keep your targeted keyword into your post's title.
Do not make your post's title extra large. Keep is short,smart,informative and seo friendly. So that your posts become attractive to search engines and visitors. Also try to make your post seo friendly. 

I will write a post about: How to write seo friendly post in blogger.
Bye now!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to setup blogger Custom robots header tags

How to setup blogger Custom robots header tags

This is an important tutorial for blogger seo. In new interface of blogger google has added a new crawlers and indexing function. As you can not add robot.txt file in blogger blog so google has added this function. You have to be careful to setup this. If you do something wrong then google may not index your post. We have already shown you how to setup Custom robots.txt in blogger. Now we are going to see how to setup blogger Custom robots header tags.

Check How to submit sitemap in big.
Blogger custom robots header tags
  • Go to
  • Log in to your account.
  • From control panel click on Settings.
  • Then click on Search Preferences.
  • Right side you will see Custom robots header tags.
  • Click on Edit>Yes.
  • Now setup your settings like image below.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Using post search description in blogger

Using post search description in blogger

Hello buddy. Welcome to another blogger seo tutorial. :D
I am back again here. I am really busy for my study. Sorry for posting late. All you know what I write here is just from my personal experience. I have already told you in my previous post that I am not seo expert. So, please inform me if you find anything wrong here.
Today I am writing about using post description. Do you know, how to add description into a post in blogger? Don't worry! Here it is. :)
Check Seo benefit of social sharing widget in blogger.
Using post description in blogger,how to use description in post, how to set post description,how to use search description in a post in blogger,importance of post description

Using search description in blogger

Suppose, you will read a story. You don't know how it is. But, if you get a short description of that story you will decide to read or not. Same thing here. Search engine shows description of your site and post in it's search result. See screenshot below.
Using post description in blogger,how to use description in post, how to set post description,how to use description in a post in blogger,importance of post description

If a visitor see your site in search result and get a good idea about your post reading description then he will decide to visit your site or not. It is a way to attract visitors. But most important thing is, it has an important role in seo. It has a great value to search engines. Search engine will show your site if it find keyword into your description. So, post title and post description is equal important to me.
Blogger has added a function to add post's description into their new interface. It was not in old interface of blogger.

How to add post description in blogger:

  • Create a new post.
  • Give a nice title.
  • Write post.
  • Right side you will see Search Description.
  • Click on it. A text area will open.
  • Write a short description of your post.
  • Then Click Done.
  • See image below...
Using post description in blogger,how to use description in post, how to set post description,how to use description in a post in blogger,importance of post description
This is not only for blogger but also for wordpress and all other blog. Only adding system is different.