Seo Friendly Post Title Strategy

Seo Friendly Post Title Strategy

You know that post title is an important part of an article or post. A quality title carries gist of a post. A visitor will visit your site when he gets what he wants. When someone searches something generally, he reads the title from the search result. If he finds something necessary in the title, he will click on that link. Not only for blogger seo it is equally important for all kind of SEO. So, it is essential for all blogger.

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Seo friendly title writing:

01.Keep your title short. Not too short.
Try to write your title in 70 characters. Generally search engines shows 70 characters of a title. So, if you make it large visitors will not see full title that you will write. He will see only 70 characters of you title. If visitors don’t get exact idea about your post by reading article he may not visit your site. seo

 02. Try to make title attractive.
Always try to make your article/post’s title attractive. If you can then you must get visitors. If you get visitors attention to your post you may get a visitor. Think! When you search anything in which link you click most. You must click on that link which one will attract you most. So, you must try to do this. seo
 03. Don’t use special characters:
There are some special character like ( ! @ . , ? < > / ). Google always ignore these special character. When google bot crawl it skips there where it find those special characters. If you use those special character in you title google may not give importance to that. So, be careful! seo
 04. Try to keep gist of your article into title:
If you become failed to introduce your article with visitors then will you write it? It is also very important. Title carries the main fact of your article. So, if  visitors don’t get any idea about your article by reading this he will not be interested to click on that. seo
 05. Keep title fresh and relevant:
You must not try to express extra thing by your post’s title what is not relevant with your post/article. This may increase your sites bounce rate. Also you may lost visitors.

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