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Using post search description in blogger

Using post search description in bloggerHello buddy. Welcome to another blogger seotutorial. :D
I am back again here. I am really busy for my study. Sorry for posting late. All you know what I write here is just from my personal experience. I have already told you in my previous post that I am not seo expert. So, please inform me if you find anything wrong here.
Today I am writing about using post description. Do you know, how to add description into a post in blogger? Don't worry! Here it is. :)
Check Seo benefit of social sharing widget in blogger. Using search description in bloggerSuppose, you will read a story. You don't know how it is. But, if you get a short description of that story you will decide to read or not. Same thing here. Search engine shows description of your site and post in it's search result. See screenshot below.
If a visitor see your site in search result and get a good idea about your post reading description then he will decide …

Submit sitemap in Bing for Blogger

Submit sitemap in Bing for BloggerMy previous post was about Blogger sitemap submition in Google webmaster tool. Click here to see the post. Today I'm going to write about Blogger sitemap submition in Bing. Bing is another popular search engine. You can get a good ammount of visitor from here.

Check Seo benefit of breadcrumbs.
Now, Follow these steps: Go to here. ( here. If you already have any Bing or Microsoft account, you can login by it. If you don't then SignUp.Here in Add site field put your site url and click on Add.A new page will open. No need to change. Again click on Add.Then you can see you site there. Click on Verify Now. See image below. Copy meta tag. See screenshot below. LogIN to your blogger account.Go to Template>Edit HTML>Proceed.Find <head>. Now, paste the code just after this. See the image below. Save template.Now, Click on VERIFY.After verifying successfully your Dashboard will open. Click on SUBMIT A S…